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the horrors of war. The day that changed everything. Nothing will ever be the same. Destruction, death, loneliness, loss. combat gear in a battle field, symbolizing the horrors of war.

We Stand Alone as a Beacon of Peace

In a world marked by increasing global tensions and ever-growing conflict, the Libertarian Party stands firm as a unique and principled voice in American politics. As Republicans and Democrats continue to resort to military force and proxy-war funding in an attempt to police the world’s bad actors, it is crucial to remember the costs of […]

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LNC Seeks to Protect America with Conservatorships for President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Washington, DC, September 12, 2023 — The Libertarian National Committee is taking urgent action to protect the interests of the American population, with imminent plans to file for conservatorships for President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The clear incapacitation, mental lapses, and deficiencies in decision-making that are clearly observable in numerous, recent, […]

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Help Us Honor Libertarians Who Are No Longer With Us

Dear Fellow Libertarians, As Chair of the Memorial Subcommittee for the 2024 National Libertarian Convention, our committee’s purpose is to pay tribute to the remarkable lives of those libertarian activists who have left us 2022 to the present. We invite you to join us in this honorable undertaking by sharing your memories, photos, videos, affiliate […]

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SOTP Address Graphic

State of the Party from Angela McArdle

We’re one year into a new administration and our members are interested to hear what we’ve been working on and what’s in store for the future. I’m excited to share some highlights with you – what we’ve done, what our vision is, where we’re going, and how we plan to get there. There is so […]

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A man farmer holds vegetables in his hands in the garden. Selective focus. Food.

Local Food Freedom Ordinance Template

The disaster in East Palestine has residents concerned about their food, water, and safety. Many others across the country deal with food insecurity, and while disasters like this aren’t needed to create these issues, they certainly exasperate them. The solution is food freedom. Government regulation of food hinders entrepreneurship, stifles the free market, and contributes […]

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Rage Against the War Machine

Join us at the Lincoln Memorial at 12:30 pm on Sunday, February 19th, on the anniversary of the Ukraine War and President’s Day Weekend, to Rage Against the War Machine! Veterans, speakers, rock musicians, comedians, and more. After the rally, we’ll march to the White House and deliver our demands to Warmonger-in-Chief Joe Biden. Donate […]

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Incarcerated people looking out of small jail window.

It’s time to take prison reform in Alabama seriously, By Angela McArdle

If California’s revolving door jail policies are bad, on the opposite end of the spectrum (and just as bad) is Alabama’s prison debacle. For over a month this year, inmates have went on strike, reporting inadequate medical treatment, food shortages, overcrowding, suspended parole programs, and inhumane treatment within Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) facilities. The […]

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money evolve

Money Makes Civilization

Money Makes Civilization By Connor Nepomuceno Life and nature foist upon us a constant but ever-changing state of uneasiness. To correct this uneasiness and conquer nature, man acts. The paleolithic men, predating civilizations or even rudimentary societies, acted entirely self-sufficiently; anything they wanted they had to produce for themselves. This existence was hard and intensely […]

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angela mcardle

The Jury Was Right Not to Give the Parkland Killer the Death Penalty

By Angela McArdle Jurors delivered a sentence of life in prison without parole for Parkland shooter Nickolas Cruz on Thursday, and people are understandably awash with emotion. The 12 jurors struggled to look the victims’ families in the eyes as they delivered their verdict. Most people struggle to comprehend the sheer, aberrant evil of a premeditated act […]

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