LP Texas Elects All Women Officers

The Libertarian Party is proud to share this Press Release from the Libertarian Party of Texas

Contact: Whitney Bilyeu, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Texas
Email: whitney.bilyeu@lp.org

Approaching 100 years since the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment which affirmed
a woman’s right to vote, the Libertarian Party of Texas (LPTexas) has elected 4 women as
their 2020-2022 officers last weekend at its biennial state convention in Big Spring, Texas.
This is the first time that each of the party’s four officer positions have all been held by
women. Delegates to the convention participated both online and in person, casting their
ballots via email.

“When I first joined the party in 2013, I was asked to get more involved because there was a
desire for more young people and more women to participate,” said Bekah Congdon, the
newly elected Vice Chair of LPTexas. “Seven years later, it is gratifying to see four women
organically elected to the top leadership positions based on their experience, work ethic, and
commitment to Libertarian principles.”
Whitney Bilyeu, the new Chair of LPTexas, has been an active member of the state and
national party since 2012, and was elected by acclamation of the entire body on Sunday.

“People are going to be seeing a lot more of LPTexas over the next two years,” Bilyeu says. “I
am committed to the continued development of this organization, and will facilitate robust
operations as we work to elect Libertarians, change public policy, and have an impact in court
decisions that promote freedom. The Libertarian presence is crucial to the cause of liberty in
Texas. Through cooperation with allies on common goals, and determination in the face of
adversity, we will see liberty in our lifetime.”

Kate Prather was the interim Treasurer and was elected again, and Stephanie Berlin was
elected as Secretary, a role she first held from 1999-2001.
The Libertarian Party previously selected Dr. Jo Jorgensen as their 2020 presidential
nominee, and she will be on the ballot in all 50 states in November.