Ballot access for our 2020 presidential nominee

2020 Presidential Ballot Access December 17 2019

Dear Libertarian,

The Libertarian Party came out of the 2018 midterm elections with the best ballot access for any third party since 1914!

We currently have ballot access for our 2020 presidential ticket in 33 states and DC. This is a major accomplishment, of which we should all be proud.

In fact, it is exactly DOUBLE the 17 states in which the LP had presidential ballot access for 1992 after the 1990 midterm elections.

The LP has made great progress on the ballot access front over the past 28 years.

And, there is more good news. Of the remaining 17 states, seven of them require 2,000 or fewer valid signatures, so those states should be able to place the LP 2020 presidential ticket on the ballot without help from the national party.

Only ten (and, hopefully, fewer) states are likely to need financial and operational assistance to place our 2020 presidential ticket on the ballot, so we should be spending less than ever over the next two years for presidential ticket ballot access.

But we still need to be thoughtful, deliberate, and strategic if we want to achieve 50 state (plus DC) ballot access for our 2020 presidential ticket.

Towards this, this year, the national party would like to spend about $45,000 to help Alaska and Arkansas achieve ballot access. These are two states we could cross off the list this year, so that we can focus on the remaining states in 2020.

An added benefit in doing this now is that it will be cheaper to do the ballot access petitioning this year, when demand for petitioners is low, than next year, when demand for petitioners is much higher.

Would you like for our 2020 presidential ticket to be on EVERY ballot in America next year?

If so, please consider giving today to help make this happen.

Bill Redpath
Chair, Ballot Access Committee

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