Ballot Access in the Corona Era

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The Libertarian Party, America’s third party, calls on Governors across the Country to remove all petitioning requirements in 2020.

The Libertarian Party, which is one of the only 3 parties in American History to have ever had 50 state +DC (50+) ballot access in consecutive elections, is calling for America’s Governor’s to defend the democratic process.

“Universal access to the ballot is a core and critical aspect of the American democratic process. From the earliest calls of ‘No taxation without representation’ Americans have been committed to the idea that any person can run for office,” said Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark.

In most states candidates are required to petition the public by gathering signatures. Obviously, in the era of Coronavirus, this is a public health issue and an impossible feat.. Some states, like Utah and New Jersey, are exploring online collection of signatures, but the burden of having to have access to a printer and a scanner in order to support a candidate is a new poll tax. Additionally, the possibility of error in an untried and untested situation is too high for such a critical issue.

The Libertarian Party has proven capable of meeting all petitioning requirements in the past, most recently evidenced when Gary Johnson was on the ballot in every state and the District of Columbia. This year in the interest of Public Health, The Libertarian Party calls on the Governors of all 50 states to waive all petitioning requirements in 2020 — and to allow the postponing of conventions whose dates are mandated by law. Nothing is as critical for Americans right now our sense of voluntary community, and nothing reinforces that sense of community as much as when we go to the polls and see candidates who represent us. As Governors restrict people for their own health and safety and that of the communities they belong to, the Libertarian Party requests they similarly safeguard our American Democracy.

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