Being a voice of reason in DC

Dear Libertarian,

Check out the headline from The Washington Times yesterday:

The national debt is sky high at $22 trillion…and growing…every day!

Our massive national debt is one of the greatest threats to our national security and stability.

And yet, as The Washington Times so powerfully notes, neither the Rs or Ds are taking much interest in it.

But we here in the Libertarian Party are.

And over the next few weeks you’ll see us speaking out more and more on this topic.

It was a key talking point in our State of the Union Address and it will continue to be a theme for us until Washington starts taking meaningful action.

The Libertarian Party has a proud heritage of speaking out on topics early, and helping swing the tide of public opinion which then brings policy change.

You can help make a difference on this critical topic by signing up to run for office or by donating.

We will update you again soon on this work.

Lauren Daugherty

Interim Executive Director