A July 4th Message

Dear Libertarian Patriot:

Two hundred and thirty-two years ago, patriots of the American Revolution banded together to draft a proclamation to the entire world that men were not meant to exist as slaves to their government.  That document, the Declaration of Independence, became a rallying cry for oppressed people across the world, and still to this day is one of the most powerful declarations of the relationship between man’s freedom and the institution of government.

 From then onward, Americans have celebrated the Fourth of July as Independence Day.  The day marks independence from tyranny, oppression, taxation and an arbitrary enforcement of laws. 

Today, we celebrate those same ideals.

In celebration Independence Day, and the freedoms our Founding Fathers put their lives at risk for, we are asking for a symbolic donation of $17.76 to help continue the new American Revolution we are currently fighting. 

Government is once again at a level incompatible with the freedom our Founding Fathers designed us to have.  

Your symbolic donation of $17.76 will help to turn back the tide of tyranny and help to bring a new era of liberty and prosperity to all Americans.

What will your $17.76 go towards in the fight for liberty?

It will help fund ballot access in the remaining states where voters have yet to have the Libertarian choice.  It will help fund volunteer and outreach activities to bring more patriots like you into the Libertarian Party.  Most of all, it will help the Libertarian Party be more effective in fighting assaults to freedom from the current Administration and those which have infringed upon it before! 

Will you donate today?

If you haven’t already decided to donate, please consider this offer from one of our fellow Libertarian Party patriots:

If 232 people donate from now through July 4th, he will donate $1776 to the Libertarian cause! 

Please consider his generous show of patriotism and dedication to the fight for liberty, and donate $17.76 today!

If you feel the spirit of the American Revolution whelming up from inside of you, and want to donate more than $17.76, feel free to do so.  Every dollar will be used in the furtherance of liberty and freedom for all Americans. 

Thank you for your donations, your dedication, your support and your commitment to liberty in America. 

Your fellow patriot,

Bill Redpath
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.

PS – Please consider a donation of $17.76 to celebrate the Fourth of July! If you are not a member, and would like to become one, please visit our Web site at www.lp.org/membership.