Call talk radio!

From the Libertarian Party’s Volunteer Coordinator, Austin Petersen:

“They said that there were only about two or three dozen spammers out there, and it looks like there’s a lot more," said Texas Congressman Ron Paul in a speech to 5,000 people in Philadelphia.

During the Paul campaign last year, the grassroots spent thousands of man-hours calling talk radio shows, sending emails and flooding message boards of the main stream media requesting Paul’s appearance on their shows. It took endless badgering, and the volunteers endured lots of insults, just so that Paul’s message could be heard. It was an easy task to do–calling the talk radio and TV shows–but it was necessary to get the word out.

This is still the case today with the Libertarian Party today.

Over the past several weeks, I have spoken to many people in states where they aren’t working on ballot access about activities of which they can have their volunteers complete.  It can be sometimes difficult to get volunteers active in doing something that is beneficial to the Party.

Out of several dozen volunteers who are given instructions, often only a few will actually execute.

One of the things that you can do as a volunteer is to call talk radio. This is something that can be done at almost no cost (other than phone charges), and it’s something that the LP has set up a very easy system for you to utilize. On the front page of the LP Web site, the “Call Talk Radio” button has a listing of all the radio shows schedules and phone numbers. Also, there is an issues button so that you can talk about something Libertarian that is related to whatever topic about which the show’s host is speaking.

Not only is this helpful in spreading the message, but it can inspire confidence in someone who is nervous about getting involved directly in the campaign process.  If we are going to reach out to the public, this is a valuable and essential tool that must be utilized immediately.  Don’t be afraid to spend a day or two listening and calling into these radio shows.

Don’t be afraid to get in there and take some swings! Email me for questions or advice anytime!

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