Did McCain and Obama sell out your freedom?

Did John McCain and Barack Obama sell out your freedom yesterday? 

With the passing of the Senate version of the amendments to FISA, and  with neither Obama nor McCain voting AGAINST the amendments, it is clear that neither candidate cares about your freedom as an American.

In a statement issued yesterday, Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis said that believing "Democrats are more adept at protecting American civil liberties is a lie."  He continued by saying that "Democrats are just as guilty" as Republicans, and have been a "doormat to the Republican-lead assault on our Constitution." 

With this sellout of our freedom, the only party left that stands consistently on the side of freedom and the Constitution is the Libertarian Party!

The Libertarian Party has repeatedly called for blocking ANY amendments to FISA that increased the power of government, and stopped justice from being served in cases where companies were complicit in helping the Bush administration break the law. 

While the Libertarian Party believes that government should have the tools to protect Americans against attacks from enemies both at home and abroad, we do not believe it should be done at the expense of our CONSTITUTIONAL LIBERTY!

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We still have 19 states left to get on the ballot, which will give voters a choice for president instead of just the candidates of the two major parties who stand in the way of more freedom and liberty!

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In Liberty,

Bill Redpath
National Chairman
Libertarian National Committee

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