MT governor points out the gorilla

There are all sizes of proverbial gorillas in the room that contains the political campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama.  Few on the left point out that the oh-so-eloquent Obama stumbles aimlessly through answers to questions when not in front of a telepromter.  Additionally, we all know that it is only a matter of time before McCain breaks down into such a violent temper-tantrum that it will forever exonerate Howard Dean as the "King of Scream." 

However, there is one gorilla that nearly dominates the room, and one that even the great National Rifle Association is having trouble avoiding; that being Obama’s appalling record on gun rights, and McCain’s weakness on the same issue.

In previous gun ratings done by the NRA, Obama earned a failing grade and McCain only received a paltry "C" mark–something Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has recently highlighted in a move that almost seemed taboo compared to the intentional neglect of the issue before his remarks.

"Neither of these guys is the favorite of the NRA," Schweitzer said during an interview with reporters this week. "If guns are your primary issue, you may not like either of these guys."

His suggestion for voters concerned mainly with Second Amendment? Bob Barr, "if you are absolutely not going to vote for McCain or Obama on guns," says Schweitzer


Though a Democrat, Schweitzer keeps a gun hanging on his office wall in symbolic rebuke of the state’s ban on firearms in public buildings.  The state also found itself in the public spotlight a few months ago when several state politicians, including the Secretary of State, publicly stated they would push Montana to secede from the Union should the Heller case come back against an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

Without a doubt, Montana knows a gun-grabber when they see one. 

So, for voters that vote mainly on the Second Amendment, consider Schweitzer’s comments an endorsement of Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr.

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