Our First Radio Ad

Dear Libertarian Supporter,

Last week, we asked you for ideas on radio ads for the Libertarian Party during the 2008 presidential election. 

We had a massive response with really terrific ideas. 

Please check out the final cut of a radio ad that will be playing across the country this month.

Because of the success that we expect, with so many Americans angry with Republicans and Democrats, we want to expand our campaign with more ads.

We are already committed to 2000 spots per week over the next 29 days—but hope to do many, many more with your help.

Please help us sponsor ads at $1 per spot.  Each dollar will purchase approximately one radio spot, so we’re asking everybody to help sponsor at least 50 spots!

Your $50 will go towards helping spread the message of liberty through our national ad campaign.  If you feel you can donate more, please consider donations of $100, $1,000 or whatever you can afford!

You gracious donations will help all Libertarians running for office, and help make 2008 the best year in the Libertarian Party’s history!

Thank you again for all that you do for liberty in this country. 

Live Free,

Andrew Davis
Director of Communications
Libertarian Party

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PSS – If you have not yet contributed, please consider a donation right now of $25, $50, $100 or $1000 to the Libertarian Party.  Your contribution will be used to grow the Party and expand the message of liberty.  From ads to outreach, every dollar goes leading the liberty movement in its fight to restore the Constitution and maximize freedom.