Video Your Vote!

From Volunteer Coordinator Austin Petersen:

As Election Day nears, we wanted to tell you about an opportunity to get your candidate more exposure on YouTube, and to participate in an exciting partnership we have with PBS.

It’s called Video Your Vote, and its a simple project with a simple goal: to collect the largest library of video content in Election Day history. We’re asking voters across the country to take their video cameras to the polls and document their experience (of course they need to check local election laws first) so that we can get a broad picture of how the vote rolls out on November 4th.

We expect to see a broad range of content – everything from excited first-time voters to documentation of polling place problems and glitches that may arise. The big idea is to Spotlight the process of voting and get people to take an active role in their election experience.

Anything you can do to get your candidate to participate – or to encourage other voters to participate – would be a great boost to this initiative, and a great way to connect with your audiences online.

If you can do this, we’d promote the video on the YouTube by featuring it on the Video Your Vote channel (where we’ll be driving lots of traffic on and near Election Day) and on We may even get some broadcast opportunities with PBS.·

  • ·Video tape yourself voting for Bob Barr whether it be on election day, early voting, or absentee voting)
  • ·Upload the video to youtube.

You can find out more about the project here:

Hope to hear from you soon.