“White House Upbeat on Economy, Defends AIG Move”

Did that Miami Herald headline grab your attention? It did to me. So what does the White House think about our economy? Good question. Here is their answer today from Press Secretary Dana Perino:

"I recognize that this issue of ‘strength’ (of the economy) has come into the 2008 election," she said. "I’m not going to try to get involved in it." (AP 09/17/08)

She followed this up with, "While no one would have liked to have ended up in this situation, you have a government that is willing to lead" – well, only if you call an $85 billion bailout of a major US Corporation and not getting involved leading.
Oh wait, there’s more; here is what she said next: "I understand that people want to hear from the president during this time." Well of course they do, but then again, he doesn’t want to get involved!
I don’t know about you — but I am fuming at this Government — and apparently so are the markets (which closed down another 450 points for the day).
First, on Sunday, they said no more bailouts. Then, (no surprise) they do exactly what they said they would not be doing.  Spent $85 billion of YOUR MONEY on AIG.
ONLY Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party have been screaming from the mountaintops the past few weeks, "No bailouts!"

All the others have simply been agreeing with what the Fed’s been doing:
McCain says it’s necessary to "protect millions of Americans" and wants to set up a "commission" on the financial crisis. Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin says it’s "understandable."

Obama? Well, he wants more regulation! He is calling for "a new, 21st century regulatory framework" to solve this mess! And, Biden?  Well, he’s in the dark I guess: "The truth is, I don’t know what the bailout is yet…haven’t had a brief on it."

Mr. Biden, it’s $85 billion of money the Fed has no right to spend!

What has Bob Barr and the LP been saying:  "No one voted to pour taxpayer funds into Wall Street.  And no one voted for the government to take over an insurance company.  If the Federal Reserve can spend as much money as it desires to bail out any company that it desires, is there anything that it cannot do with taxpayer funds?”

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In Liberty,

Robert S. Kraus
Acting Executive Director
Libertarian Party

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