Barr: Koh nomination is “truly dangerous” threat to Second Amendment rights

Writing in his blog for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee Congressman Bob Barr lays out the case against Harold Koh, the Obama nominee to be State Department legal adviser.  Koh’s nomination will be voted upon by the Senate today and if confirmed, he would be negotiating treaties for the United States and essentially be "America’s lawyer" in the international legal community.

That’s deeply troubling to many Americans, as Koh has repeatedly sided against the United States in previous international legal disputes and is a radical advocate of both "global gun control" and "transnational jurisprudence."  "Transnational jurisprudence" means that a nation’s laws and constitutionally-guaranteed rights would take a back seat to the will of other countries.

In a Tuesday press release issued after the announcement that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was rushing to a Wednesday vote on the radical nominee, Libertarians made it perfectly clear the Senate must reject this dangerous nomination.

You may read Congressman Barr’s blog by clicking here.  Barr writes, in part:

While I frequently disagreed with policies and decisions by the former Bush Administration regarding both domestic and international matters, at least it never formally bought into such nonsensical, and constitutionally-defective reasoning as advocating “transnational jurisprudence,” especially when it came to such fundamental rights as those guaranteed in the Second Amendment and the other provisions in our Bill of Rights.  Koh, and people like him who are now assuming positions of influcence in the Obama Administration, represent a truly dangerous change in fundamental policies and constitutional thought in America.