Bill would give Obama administration absolute power to dictate private sector pay

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is sponsor of the "Pay for Performance Act," a bill that gives the Treasury Secretary absolute power to  define what constitute "excessive compensation" to every employee of a private company with shares owned by the government, which it may then confiscate.

Somewhere Hugo Chavez is kicking himself for not thinking of this.

There are no standards whatsoever for what constitutes an "obscene salary."  It is entirely up to a politically-appointed official to determine — with no guidelines other than his own whims — whose paychecks are grabbed by the government. 

So what gives an unelected federal official who can’t even pay his own taxes absolute power to determine what someone’s paycheck should be? In a heated interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Grayson actually said the Constitution’s guarantees of "due process" and "equal protection" gives the Executive Branch the unquestionable, unaccountable power to dictate private sector pay.

Watch the video here.

In an ironic twist, at around the 4:45 mark Grayson actually criticizes "people (who) are taking taxpayer money and they’re looting it, putting it in their own pockets and destroying the economy in the process."

Does that mean he won’t be accepting a salary this year?

You can call Alan Grayson at 202-225-2176 and let him know what you think of his plans to give the Obama administration expanded powers over private employers.