Examiner editor: Facts about the so-called stimulus

Washington Examiner editorial page editor Mark Tapscott, with the help of the Heritage Foundation, takes his pen to Obama’s $1.2 trillion government spending plan, citing some of the better reasons to oppose it.

Tapscott also covers something that annoys me when anti-capitalists talk about their "green" jobs.  They’re not new jobs.  They’re just unstable replacements for already-existing, good-paying jobs.

You can read Tapscott’s very succinct and dead-on anaylsis at his online Copy Desk.  I suggest you bookmark the Examiner as the government expansion plan lumbers its way through the Senate.

A better idea would be to provide much-needed tax relief to employers and to reduce government spending.  America’s job creators pay the second-highest taxes in the world, and we wonder why we’re struggling to grow the economy.