Government takeover of health care to cost $1 trillion over 9 years – for just one part

The Congressional Budget Office released a report Monday outlining the projected costs of just part of the Democrat plan for a government takeover of the nation’s health care system, and it isn’t pretty.

Initial estimates have taxpayers forking over $1.07 trillion dollars between 2010 and 2019 for just part of the Democrat plan.  Costs will escalate if Congress expands government-run insurance plans, as Obama promises.

"The 10-year cost of reform could approach $2 trillion if the projections are made from the date that proposals are fully implemented. While the projected cost for a new system may reach $1.5 trillion for 2010-2019, it could run significantly higher for 2013-2022, as healthcare costs rise steadily each year," The Hill, a non-partisan newspaper serving Congress, reports Tuesday.

Democrat leaders in Congress are expected to deal with the unaffordable cost projections by simply ignoring the numbers and intead using projections compiled by the White House that are intended to sell the program and not find true costs.