Libertarians are coming to bookstores and TVs near you


Dear friend,

For Republicans and Democrats, the summer is often a slow time.  Not for Libertarians.

Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian Party’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee, has a new book out today.  “The Conscience of a Libertarian” lays out the case for libertarianism and lets you know what you can do to help build a free country.

“The Conscience of a Libertarian” won’t be one of those books you have to be on an obscure website to find.  Not only is it a brisk seller on it will be on special display in 300 Barnes and Noble stores, right where millions of people can see it.

Root will also be a guest on Sean Hannity’s radio program July 30th to promote the “The Conscience of a Libertarian” and spread the libertarian message.

That means that not only will libertarianism be on display in one of America’s busiest bookstores, but also on America’s second-biggest talk radio program.  If you’ve ever had a friend ask you just what the Libertarian Party is all about, tell them to pick up Root’s book.

But Root isn’t the only one spreading the libertarian message in the mainstream media with “The Conscience of a Libertarian”.   Glenn Beck, popular Fox News Channel personality and host of one of the country’s biggest radio programs now proudly declares he’s becoming “more and more libertarian.” 

Judge Andrew Napolitano, an avowed Libertarian, hosts a weekly program called “Freedom Watch” on’s Strategy Room.  In fact, if enough people watch the online broadcast each Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, Fox News will consider broadcasting it to millions on the Fox News Channel. 

Yep, an explicitly libertarian show with libertarian guests and libertarian topics could be on the nation’s most-watched news channel.

Here at LPHQ, we are scoring big coverage in some of the nation’s largest newspapers, and we are talking with producers about upcoming appearances on major cable news networks.

With a hot new book out and some of America’s most popular broadcasters giving air time to libertarian principles, more and more Americans are finding out about the Libertarian Party’s principled message of smaller government and more freedom. 

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With optimism,

Donny Ferguson
Director of Communications
Libertarian Party

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