LP Progress Report: Membership growing, fundraising beating trends

Your Libertarian Party is heading in a winning direction.

New membership and revenue numbers are in for 2009.  While the weaker economy and the traditional post-presidential slump have hit all parties hard, the Libertarian Party is not only beating revenue projections, but membership is growing as well.

    * Total active membership, which was declining, has reversed the trend and begun growing. We need your help to keep this trend growing upward.  If you aren’t a member—or have let your membership lapse—join us today at https://www.lp.org/membership

    * New libertarians are joining the Party.  Monthly new membership totals for the have topped themselves three of the last four months, and are bigger than they were for this period last year, a presidential election year.

    * Old members are coming back.  The number of lapsed donors plunged 28.6% last month and is down to its lowest point in five months. Renewals in the first quarter of 2009 are 16% higher than they were in the first quarter of 2008, a presidential election year.

    * While the DNC, RNC and their campaign committees report a 40% plunge in individual contributions compared to the last post-presidential election year, 2005, the LP’s revenues are down only 30% compared to 2005, beating the two older parties.  Clearly, Libertarians and libertarian-leaning Americans see something they like in the Libertarian Party.

    * Libertarian Party revenues, as is the case for most parties, typically decline sharply the year after a presidential election.  While revenues plummeted 35% after the 2004 presidential campaign, they’ve dipped only 19% after our 2008 campaign, despite a significantly weaker economy.  Revenues are still, however, very tight.  Please click here right now to rush us an urgent gift today so your Libertarian Party can re-elect our Libertarian officials and elect new ones.

    * While major political direct mail fundraising agencies here in D.C. report a 15% drop in response rates compared to last year, the Libertarian Party has seen a 17.5% INCREASE in direct mail response.

With total membership growing, old members coming back, revenues beating projections and outperforming the two older parties, and response rates climbing while others’ decline, it’s clear that Americans aren’t just fed up with Republicans and Democrats, but they like what they see in the Libertarian Party.

Are you on board with The Party of Principle?  Click here to join, or here to donate, today!