Monday Message: Who is Joel Boniek?

Dear friend,

If you’re lucky enough to live in Montana, take a moment to thank Joel Boniek.
Boniek, a Republican state representative from the Livingston area, sponsored legislation exempting Montana-made guns from federal legislation.  It was signed into law April 15.
Joel’s bill applies only to guns made and kept in Montana. Supporters hope it triggers a court case over whether the federal government can regulate gun sales.
Boniek overcame amazing odds and defeated a Republican incumbent in the primary who voted to expand government and openly criticized tax relief efforts.  He’s not your typical politician.  A quiet, peaceful man, Joel lives “off the grid” and still makes his living as a crane operator, carpenter and hunting guide.
But Joel’s upset win proves that voters want representatives who put freedom first, and that principled candidates who run smart campaigns can knock off entrenched incumbents – and accomplish great things in office.
Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have a state representative in your town just as passionate about defending your rights?
Well, you can by helping build a bigger Libertarian Party.
A bigger Libertarian Party, one that represents all of the millions of libertarian-leaning voters out there, would be big enough to provide the campaign training, media assistance, and most importantly, the voter base to elect our own Joel Bonieks.
If you’ve already joined the Libertarian Party, thank you!  If not, please consider joining today.  With our common-sense approach of limited government in both personal and economic matters, compared to the radical agendas of Barack Obama and the Republicans, the Libertarian Party is really the only mainstream party in America.
So wouldn’t it be nice for principled libertarians like Joel Boniek to be in numerous seats in every state legislature – and with a “L” next to their names?
Well, then, make it happen.  Get active with the Libertarian Party today!

With optimism,

Donny Ferguson
Director of Communications
Libertarian Party