Obama backs what he called “the largest middle-class tax increase in history”

"I pledge that under my plan, no one making less than $250,000 a year will see any type of tax increase…Not income tax, not capital gains taxes, not any kind of tax." – Candidate Barack Obama in Dover, N.H., Sept. 12, 2008

Barack Obama, who won the presidential election promising absolutely no tax increase of any kind for the middle class, is now considering a new multi-billion dollar tax on employer-provided health care benefits — the very proposal he attacked during the campaign as "the largest middle-class tax increase in history."

In Sunday interviews with ABC and NBC, White House adviser David Axelrod admitted Obama was considering enacting a massive new tax on families’ health care benefits.  Obama himself hinted at the new tax in interviews last week.

The new tax hike is not only a broken promise, but is seen by many as a plan to force families with private health insurance onto his proposed government-run plan, should Congress give in to his demands for a government takeover of the health care system.

It’s not the first time Obama has broken his middle class tax relief promise and instead fought for billions in new taxes on families.  Obama is already fighting for a new $1.9 trillion tax on energy and utilities, a multi-trillion dollar tax that will not only be paid largely by the middle and lower class, but will also cause the United States to lose an additional one million-plus jobs per year.  The Obama energy tax passed the House Friday and is now being considered by the Senate.