Obama repeals “onerous” regulations. Just not for you.

Your Monday Message from the Libertarian Party:

Dear friend,

Great news!  Obama is repealing “onerous” federal regulations!

Unfortunately he’s not repealing any of the hundreds of thousands of federal regulations making it harder to start, expand or keep a business.

Instead – in a payoff to his union boss campaign financiers – Obama repealed pro-transparency regulations requiring union bosses to report more information about their finances and compensation.

According to Obama, the regulations had to be repealed because it was too “onerous” for union bosses to report any conflicts of interest or illegal payoffs.

We like it when any regulation or law that doesn’t protect innocent people from force or fraud is repealed, but Obama’s reasoning is just as true of any of the hundreds of thousands of federal regulations that are slowing our economic recovery.

Those prosperity-killing regulations aren’t being repealed.  In fact, many are growing. 

Obama’s announcement is bad news if you’re one of the millions of unemployed Americans or struggling small businessmen, but great news if you skimmed money from workers’ paychecks and funneled it into Obama’s campaign.

It’s just the first in a series of proposed giveaways to union bosses, including stripping union members of their right to a secret ballot in union elections – something 74% of union households oppose.

Don’t you think Barack Obama should be focused on repealing the regulations that are destroying jobs and our liberty, instead of heaping more regulations on employers while making it easier for his union boss campaign contributors to hide corruption and force people to pay dues?

Well, then, you’re not alone.  More and more Americans are joining the Libertarian Party.  In fact, the number of people joining the LP for the first time has gotten bigger every month this year.

They’re fed up with high taxes, big spending, massive deficits and other attacks on their prosperity.  They know limited government and economic freedom are what we need to get the economy moving again and grow more jobs.

So while Barack Obama is busy writing new job-killing, anti-liberty regulations, borrowing billions of dollars to finance Big Government, pretending he “isn’t aware of Tea Parties” and making job-killing union boss corruption even easier – your Libertarian Party and the over 200 Libertarians serving in elected office are busy cutting taxes, curbing wasteful spending and making America a better place to create jobs and live your life as you please.

So the next time you’re busy filling out an “onerous” mountain of paperwork, keep in mind that the Libertarian Party is looking out for you – because unless you’re funneling millions of dollars in forced union dues into his campaign account, Barack Obama sure isn’t.

With optimism,

Donny Ferguson
Director of Communications
Libertarian Party

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