Poll: Few Americans trust Obama, Congress with the economy

A new poll from the independent firm Rasmussen Reports finds what Libertarians have said for years – Americans trust their own judgment on economic issues more than that of President Obama and Congress.

Rasmussen reports this week that sixty (60) percent of voters say they trust their own judgment on economic issues more than President Obama’s.  Only 30 percent trust Obama more.  Distrust of Obama is even higher now than it was when the same question was asked in February.  Then, 49 percent trusted their own judgment more than Obama’s, while 39 percent trusted Obama more.

According to Rasmussen, Republicans trust themselves more than Obama by a 75% to 19% margin. The findings for voters not affiliated with either major party are virtually identical. But Democrats are much more closely divided, with nearly half trusting the president more.

Rasmussen also finds 74 percent of Americans trust their own judgment more than that of the average member of Congress when it comes to economic issues facing the nation.  Only 13 percent trust the average Congress member’s judgment more, while 12 percent are not sure who knows best.

Distrust of Congress is higher among independents than it is among Republicans and Democrats.  Seventy-nine (79) percent of independents trust their own economic judgment more than Congress, higher than Republicans at 77 percent and Democrats at 69 percent.

Once again, the Libertarian Party is the only mainstream party in America.

Libertarians opposed the first round of Republican bailouts of banks, opposed Democrat bailouts of automakers and has opposed both older parties’ consistent record of economic meddling that has brought economic collapse and higher unemployment.

Libertarians were also early and consistent opponents of the Obama “stimulus” package.  Sold as a means of keeping unemployment below eight percent, new figures from the Labor Department find Americans are now suffering from a 26-year high record of 9.4 percent unemployment.

That’s why Libertarians have a better idea.  Restrain government to its role of policing fraud and force in economic transaction, cut taxes on investments, repeal unneeded and often anti-competitive regulations and free up America’s employers to create the jobs Americans need.

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