Ruwart wins ‘Book of the Year’ award

Author Mary Ruwart’s "Healing Our World" was named the winner of’s first annual "Book of the Year" award for 2008.

"Ruwart’s book is a tremendous achievement," says Jeremy Furbish, who runs Freedom Book Club.  "It shows how we hurt ourselves when we aggress against our neighbors through the guns of government."

"Healing" lays libertarian solutions to a wide variety of problems, including health care, in which Ruwart cites the case of her sister, Martie.  Dying of cancer and suffering from debilitating pain, Martie was prohibited by federal law from acquiring adequate pain medication and was not legally allowed to make her own decisions concerning the end of her life.

"I actually wept when I read this section," Furbish says.

Dr. Ruwart grew up in Michigan and holds a Ph.D from Michigan State University in biophysics. She worked as a pharmaceutical researcher for over twenty years, holds four patents and serves on the board of the International Society for Individual Liberty.  She’s also a Fully Informed Jury Association activist, working to help remind jurors of their legal right to ignore judge’s instructions when rendering a verdict.  She was a candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination and currently serves on the Libertarian National Committee.

Other books considered for the prize: "How Capitalism Saved America," by Thomas DiLorenzo; "Empire of Debt," by William Bonner and Addison Wiggin, *A Foreign Policy of Freedom,* by Dr. Ron Paul, and a lone fictional title:  F. Paul Wilson’s *By the Sword.*

"Healing" has sold out twice on   The book’s currently available in three editions, each one updated for its times.  The 2003 version won this award and is available at Amazon.