Somewhere Ken Lay is smiling: Report likely shows Obama healthcare takeover unaffordable. Congress to simply change the report.

In a move that would have made Ken Lay proud, Democrat congressional leaders are expected to deal with the huge price tag of Barack Obama’s government takeover of health care in a unique way — ditching the estimates prepared by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office and replacing them with the nunbers prepared by the politically-appointed White House Office of Management and Budget.

That would be the same White House that prepared numbers showing Obama’s hugely unpopular "stimulus" package would keep unemployment below eight percent.  It has since grown to a 26-year-high of 9.4 percent.

"The unusual option would give Democratic leaders hundreds of billions of additional dollars to work with as they draft their plans," The Hill reports today.  Keep in mind the hundreds of billions of dollars do not actually exist and were invented out of thin air to help sell Obama’s increasingly unpopular government takeover of doctor’s offices.

"We are going to look at OMB and CBO and make our own decision as to who is right," said California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer.  In other words, the decision as to who has the "right" numbers — the non-partisan watchdog or the political office trying to sell the program they’re studying — will be made by the same people who thought the bailouts were a great idea.

Democrat promises to throw out non-partisan fiscal studies and replace them by political reports from the White House reminds many of the accounting procedures employed at Enron, the energy giant brought down in a 2001 scandal after is was revealed accountants used shell companies and falsified reports to make the company appear more profitable than it actually was.