Submit Your Video

The Libertarian Party is asking you to submit your video telling us…

“Why I’m a Libertarian”

This will be a promotional video for the LP and will be shown at CPAC and other major events. The main idea is to show that Libertarians are your average Americans with principles they are willing to stand up for. Please join us in creating a piece of history and tell us why YOU are a Libertarian.



Please answer the following questions in bold:

1.  “My name is  (first name) and I am a libertarian”

Pause for about 5 seconds

2.  “I am a libertarian because I…. (believe in liberty, I love freedom, I don’t want bureaucrats dictating my life etc)”

*You can put whatever reason you want.  Feel free to be specific as long as you can portray it in a clear and to the point manner.

3.   “I am NOT a Republican or Democrat because…(short 15 or second less answer)”

Lastly, please read from the script below.

4.  Script:  (please be sure to speak with conviction and confidence at a medium pace)

“The Libertarian Party gives me an opportunity to vote my conscience instead of the lesser of two evils.  It promotes liberty and justice for all, regardless of what you believe and how you live your life.  Together, we can bring freedom and honesty back to our country.  Join Us. 


Directions for shooting your video:

Web cam:  If you have the option to adjust your resolution, please make it 640×480 so that it will already be in a size usable for editing.  A file extension of .avi  .mov or .dv will be a good format to save it in…(we prefer these over everything)  If not, these file formats will work as well:  asf, asx, avi, divx, dv, dvx, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, qt, wmv…

DV Camcorder:  Your video should already be in the correct format when you capture it to your hard drive (.dv file at 640×480).  A .mov or .avi file extension will also work and we will be able to convert it in house.


General Filming Techniques:

Before you get started, please test the audio. If you have a sound meter with green and red bars, try and stay in the green and yellow areas. Also, make sure there is enough lighting to see your face and that the light isn’t too harsh.

Please make sure your face is close enough to the screen so that we can tell you are looking into the camera.  This is a good frame:

Speaking into a microphone is preferred, but using the mic connected to your computer will be fine.  Please watch your video a few times to make sure that the sound is clear.


After the Shoot:

Once you have shot the video, we will need you to save it in one of the preferred file formats discussed earlier, and then upload it to  The reason we are using Vimeo as an exchange medium is because it is very easy, and we will be able to download your video files from their Web server without the hassle of FTP transfers and sending them through the postal service etc.  

Here is a link to a .pdf you can download for advanced instructions on how to do this.