TAKE ACTION!: Challege your congressman to sign the Responsible Legislator Pledge!

Dear friend,

Rep. Kathy Castor and Sen. Russ Carnahan called out union thugs to rough up citizens who showed up to speak out against government-run medicine.  

Rep. David Scott began screaming at a doctor who disagreed with him.  

Rep. John Dingell got into an argument with an elderly man who brought his special needs son.  

Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed people who are revealing the details of HR 3200 are “carrying swastikas.”  

Rep. Brian Baird refuses to even meet with his constituents to discuss the bill.  He publicly referred to the senior citizens and families he’s supposed to represent as “Brown Shirts,” the infamous Nazi war criminals.

As the details of HR 3200 trickle out and public support for government-run medicine collapses, Democrats are doing everything they can to instigate chaos and bully the millions of Americans who don’t want government-run medicine.

Gee, you’d think there’s stuff in the Obama health care takeover Democrats don’t want people to hear about.  Probably page 16 outlawing private health care, page 167 and others calling for new national taxes on people with “unacceptable” health care plans, or the sections calling for “end of life planning” for the elderly and sick.  No wonder Democrats seem to be trying to turn town halls away from serious discussions of their bill and into WWE wrestling events.

Well, Libertarians think differently.  Not only do we oppose initiating force to achieve social or political goals, elected Libertarians treat their constituents, especially those who disagree, with respect.

You can help the Libertarian Party hold advocates of government-run medicine accountable.  I am sending you a link to the Libertarian Party’s Responsible Legislator Pledge.  Just go to /wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ReadTheBillPledge.pdf.

Please print it out, take it with you to your congressman or senator’s town hall meeting and politely and respectfully ask them to sign it and agree to one simple promise.  Don’t vote for any federal health care legislation you have not read in full, and understand.

They have two options.  Refuse to sign it, and admit they don’t read major legislation before they vote.  Or sign it, and be held personally accountable for everything in the bill.  Unlike they did with the pork in the “stimulus” bill, they can’t claim to know about the outlawing of private insurance, the billions in new taxes, the waiting lists and the “end of life planning.”

Democrats are calling out the thugs because they want Americans to stop talking about their plan.  Do your part to restore accountability to Congress.  Click here to print out your own copy of the Libertarian Party Responsible Legislator Pledge.  Or go to /wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ReadTheBillPledge.pdf.

Take it to your local town hall and politely ask your congressman or senator if they will actually read the bill and take personal responsibility if they plan to support government-run medicine.


Director of Communications
Libertarian National Committee