Want a sign with your name on it?

Want a sign with your name on it?
Then run for office as a Libertarian!
With both Republicans and Democrats hiking taxes, bloating spending and stripping rights in state legislatures and local governments, the need for Libertarians is greater now more than ever.
There is still time to file for state legislative races in Virginia and New Jersey, and we need candidates to get started for races in 2010.
We don’t expect you to run a million-dollar campaign with top-notch campaign managers.
All we ask is that you put your name on the ballot and uphold the principles of limited government.  Simply having putting your name on the ballot gives voters a real choice for once.
And I can tell you from personal experience being a Libertarian candidate is one of the most enjoyable things you can do – even if you’re not a “people person.”
Just click here to sign up!  We’ll put you in touch with your local Libertarians – the folks who actually nominate LP candidates and campaign for them.
And if you want to do more than just put your name on the ballot, we can help you out.  We, and your local Libertarians, can give you the tools and know-how to run a winning campaign, raise money and go door-to-door.
Make no mistake, America needs Libertarians now more than ever. 

In Virginia, the Republicans got elected promising to cut taxes – only to give the Democrat governor a bigger tax hike than he asked for.  Voters then elected Democrats who promised to fix the Commonwealth’s horrible roads – only to blow all the money on everything else.
Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to just send Libertarians to Richmond?
You can help make it happen in your state.  Whether you just want to put your name on the ballot and stay home, or get out and run a full-fledged campaign, the Libertarian Party needs you!
It might just be one of the best experiences of your life, and you’ll help win back liberty no matter the election results.  Something as simple as seeing “Libertarian” on the ballot helps grow the party, drive up membership and win back our freedom.

Please sign up today!