Washington Times: Despite Obama’s wishes, “tea party” movement not going away

Friday’s Washington Times editorializes on the July 4 "tea party" movement, many of which are being organized by Libertarian activists or Libertarian Party affiliates.

Click here to read the full editorial, or if you live in the metro D.C. area pick up a copy of The Washington Times (click here to subscribe).  The Times writes, in part:


The tea party movement has become more than a one-time tax protest. The grass-roots political crusade is growing and expanding. As "tea party" organizer Candace E. Salima notes on our facing page, more than 1,300 parties are scheduled nationwide to mark the Fourth of July. This popular uprising against oppressive big government is in the best tradition of the American independence movement that we are celebrating this weekend.

The tea parties are a genuine expression of the American democratic spirit. The April round of tea parties – held to protest tax day – was studiously ignored by President Obama and ridiculed by liberal critics, no doubt in hopes the movement would go away. But the party keeps on rolling…

…But the tea party movement is also intent on proposing positive solutions. Lisa Miller of the March for Liberty Coalition told us that the government needs to pursue policies that result in "more choices for consumers at lower costs, and with more convenience." Market-based reforms, respect for Federalism, government openness and transparency, lower taxes and an end to special interest dominance in Washington are nationwide tea party themes. But this change can only happen with persistent, broad-based grass-roots activism. Americans need to "get involved, get educated, pitch in to the extent you can, and definitely vote," Ms. Miller said.

The D.C. Tea Party will be held at Upper Senate Park on Constitution Avenue on Saturday starting at 10 a.m. Details are at Teapartywdc.ning.com and Marchforliberty.org. July 4 is a perfect day for a tea party, a true expression and celebration of American liberty. We urge our readers to get out, get involved and celebrate our spirit of independence.

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