Your Monday Message from the Libertarian Party – Elected Libertarians are making government work for you

Dear friend,

Just a few days ago I had a nice exchange with Mack’s Creek, Missouri’s Libertarian Mayor Joel Stoner.  Like other elected Libertarians, Mayor Stoner is hard at work improving city parks, establishing a broadband community center and fixing the local roads, all with either private donations or reductions elsewhere in the budget, allowing him to avoid tax increases.
Another Libertarian elected official (recent LP convert Indianapolis City-County Councilor) Ed Coleman, is working to expose millions of dollars in waste by a government council that builds sport arenas for wealthy teams.  Like any elected Libertarian, Councilor Coleman believes government should serve his nearly one million constituents – not connected special interests.
Over 200 Libertarians currently serve in elected office.  With around 90 percent of all the public offices in the United States being appointed, there are also hundreds more Libertarians serving in appointed offices.  One such appointed Libertarian, California Superior Court Judge Jim Gray, dedicated his 25-year judicial career to tackling youth crime, drunk driving and reforming drug laws.  His steadfast libertarian principles earned him the respect of Republicans and Democrats, and a reputation for no-nonsense approach to enforcing the law.
In fact, since the LP was founded 38 years ago, thousands of Libertarians have served in elected and appointed office, including 12 Libertarian state legislators.
But whether they are appointed or elected, Libertarian public officials are eliminating waste, curbing spending and making sure what few legitimate activities the government should be engaged in are performed efficiently and successfully.

And when voters elect a Libertarian, who then governs competently and rationally, it destroys the hysterical Democrat/Republican arguments against electing Libertarians.  Governments run by elected Libertarians work more efficiently, more fairly and with a greater respect for individual rights.

It’s no wonder then that elected Libertarians are almost always re-elected.  Unlike their Republican or Democrat counterparts, they focus on serving people and not going after them.
Compare that to a Barack Obama who feels the purpose of government is to attack achievers and ensure equality of income, or a Republican Party who feels the purpose of government is to enforce private morals.
So while Democrat and Republican politicians are busy engaging in the politics of greed and exclusion, Libertarian public servants are busy serving you – fixing roads, repairing infrastructure, enforcing just laws and keeping communities safe, either with private funds and without increasing spending wherever possible.
A small, constitutional government that actually works in an efficient and ethical manner?  It’s possible, and elected Libertarians across the country are making it happen.

With optimism,

Donny Ferguson
Director of Communications
Libertarian National Committee

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