Your Monday Message: What can you do to ensure “good men” triumph?

Dear friend,

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

It’s an old saying, often attributed to Edmund Burke even though it’s never been found in any of his writings.  But it’s not entirely accurate.

You see, “evil” just as easily triumphs when good men do things that are pointless or ineffective.

In fact, “evil” loves ineffective “good men” even more than inactive ones.  Engaging in ineffective habits not only depletes resources more quickly than inactivity, it’s much harder to change ineffective or pointless activity than it is to simply act in the first place.

For folks engaged in electing “good men” and defeating “evil” legislation, “triumph” only happens when you are better organized and engaging in more effective activities than the opposition.

In fact, it was the subject of several lengthy conversations I had with friends over the July 4th holiday.  In one way or another they are all actively involved in scaling back government and restoring freedoms, whether it’s electing congressmen, educating the public or lobbying. 

While their organizations and job duties all adhere to the strictly defined purposes that make their larger movement effective, they are all focused on one thing – being better organized than their opponents and working with a laser-like focus on activities that are effective.  They know that veering off the path or expending resources doing things their

When I told them what we are doing here at the Libertarian Party – recruiting new members, strengthening our finances, focusing on relevant issues and improving our political technology, and then focusing it on electing more Libertarians to office, starting at the local level – they were excited.

They know, like I do, that something big is brewing.  The independent, non-partisan Leadership Institute’s July 4th Soiree drew a record crowd of over 1,500 people, all committed to fighting the Obama administration’s bailouts, industry nationalizations and proposed government takeover of health care.  Crowds swelled at July 4th “tea parties,” where activists booed bailout-supporting elected officials of their own party.

Americans are sick and tired of Big Government Republicans and Democrats, and they’re looking for an alternative that knows simply doing “something” won’t magically solve the problem.  They’ve been doing “something” for decades.  Now they’re looking for an alternative that is effective and focused.

The Libertarian Party is that alternative.  If you are already a Sustaining Member, thank you! 

If not, please join today.  Just click here to become one of those “good men” (or “women”) who knows that defeating “evil” means that just doing something isn’t good enough.  Activists must be focused on electing Libertarians — starting at local offices — and defeating those who would take away our liberties, wealth and property.

With optimism,

Donny Ferguson
Director of Communications
Libertarian National Committee

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