LNC Board Meeting – Alexandria, VA, April 16-17

The Libertarian National Committee met in Alexandria, Virginia this past weekend. The agenda inculded establishing a budget for fiscal year 2011, planning for 2012, and discussing ideas to grow the party.

They also discussed funding for ballot access measures throughout the country.

I talked with a handful of board members who were all very pleasant and excited about welcoming me aboard.

I spoke of moving the party forward in a unconventional way, using video imagery that’s professional, cool, and something the two old parties aren’t doing.

Since I’m on the topic of video, I’ll give you a quick update on the video production here at the LP. I’ve built a nice studio, purchased equipment (thanks to the help of many generous Libertarian supporters), and have been networking with libertarian groups in the DC area, while enjoying the occasional weekend conference to talk to high school kids, parents, and other Libertarians. I’ve been pushing our platform of Anti-War, Anti-Corporatism, and Pro-Freedom. More videos will be rolling out soon, so hang tight!

Below I took a few photos and a quick video.