LP Monday Message: Our Thanks to Outgoing Executive Director Wes Benedict

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Wes Benedict has resigned from his position as Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee to move back to his original home state of Louisiana where he’s getting married at the end of this month.

We wish him every happiness in this new chapter of his life.

On behalf of everyone here at the Libertarian Party Headquarters, I want to thank Wes for his contributions to our party since he started as our Executive Director in July 2009.

While the U.S. economy went downward, the Libertarian Party moved upward. 

In our press releases and other publications, Wes tried to present a libertarian message that clearly distinguishes us from liberals and conservatives.

Wes also did a lot to sustain our fundraising in tough economic circumstances, and to cut costs and make our operation more efficient. It’s hard to convey how important this has been.

Our net assets are now at one of the highest levels in the history of the LP. 

In particular, Wes focused on our monthly pledge program, and from August 2009 to November 2011, our monthly pledge total increased by 59%.

Wes also helped us produce a strong electoral showing in 2010, with a significantly higher number of candidates (about 800, versus about 600 in 2008), and combined vote total (about 14,750,000, versus about 12,570,000 in 2008).

Since Wes became Executive Director, our online presence has improved dramatically: our Facebook fan count increased from 11,770 to over 190,000, and we hired videographer Nigel Lyons to give us a bigger presence on YouTube.

Wes has a reputation of under-promising and over-delivering, which is all too rare — especially in the world of politics.

Our Headquarters office operates with a small staff, and I suspect Wes was doing work that would normally be done by two or three people.

I appreciate his energy and dedication.

Carla Howell (link to last MM introducing CH) is replacing Wes as our new Executive Director.

Thank you Wes for helping to make the transition a smooth one.


In Liberty,
Mark Hinkle, LNC Chair

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