Wall Street Journal post on Johnson, LP

More Roads Lead to Possible Third-Party Bid

"The prospects for a significant third-party presidential bid in 2012 are gathering steam, potentially complicating things for the eventual Republican nominee.

"The Libertarian Party could have a candidate with some name recognition, with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson expected to announce Wednesday he will leave the GOP and seek the Libertarian nominatio…

"Both Republican and Democratic pollsters have suggested that an electorate buffeted by the prolonged economic downturn and angry with both parties could be open to the appeal of a third-party candidate, much as Ross Perot caught the imagination of voters in the 1990s…

"Carla Howell, executive director of the Libertarian Party, said Mr. Johnson would compete with about half a dozen other candidates at the nominating convention. While the party issued a statement welcoming Mr. Johnson, Ms. Howell said Mr. Paul is a ‘good friend’ of the party.

"Ms. Howell brushed off the prospect of a Libertarian candidate siphoning votes from the GOP nominee. ‘You can make the case (only if Ron Paul is not the nominee) that there’s no such thing as spoiling tainted meat,’ she said, referring to candidates of both major parties.