Lanny Friedlander, RIP

Lanny Friedlander, the originator of Reason Magazine, has passed away.  Nick Gillespie provides more information at this link to

I first met Lanny in the late 1960’s after he founded Reason Magazine and I subscribed to it.  Then, when I and several other students at M.I.T. started our own student newspaper, ERGO, Lanny graciously allowed us to reprint some articles from Reason.  Among them was Bob Poole’s seminal article in 1969 "Fly The Frenzied Skies", which was largely responsible for the subsequent deregulation of the airline industry in the United States, and which laid the groundwork for efforts to privatize government activities.

Lanny’s influence has not been widely appreciated.  But the magazine he created, which later evolved into the Reason Foundation, has had a profound impact over the past forty years in promoting libertarian ideas and a freer society in this country as well as throughout the world.

Thank you, Lanny, and may you rest in peace knowing that your life included such a singular accomplishment.