California Needs Your Help!

California is about to vote on one of the most undemocratic proposals in the history of the state, Prop 14.

As Debbie Tharp of the California Libertarian Party (CALP) explains, "Prop 14 (the top two initiative) allows voters to vote for any party they want in the primary elections, and it is being sold as a way to open up the primaries, but any time a similar bill has been passed in any other state, it has resulted in incumbents being re elected 95% of the time. Voters can come out in droves during the primary to bring an incumbent’s weakest opponent to the finals and drive out the viable third party alternative altogether."

In response to this anti-third party initiative, the CALP has organized an effort to reach 60,000 voters over the phone. They are providing numerous resources in order to help the effort, including training sessions and professional scripts.

To help the CALP defeat Prop 14 e-mail Beau Cain at