Elected Libertarian Erik Viker vying for higher office in PA

Erik Viker is the Libertarian Party candidate running for the House of Representatives seat in Pennsylvania’s 85th District. While he is currently running for office, he is also an elected Libertarian serving on the Selinsgrove Borough Council. His campaign has gained momentum and significant press coverage as he fights to break the stagnant two- party system in Pennsylvania.

The Daily Item, a local PA newspaper, recently published an article highlighting Viker’s campaign to bring the government back in to the hands of the people. Vying for an open seat against a Republican and a Democrat, Viker admits: “ ‘I am not a third- party experiment…I am what citizens say they want: an experienced, intelligent, accomplished politician who already knows what is needed.’ ” He is campaigning against the Republicans and Democrats who are too tied down to party politics to make real legislative changes. Viker believes he is a viable third party option who can represent constituents outside of party affiliations.

Viker’s platform centers on fiscal responsibility and minimal government intrusion, and he is campaigning forcefully to get his message to the constituency. Even with limited funds, Viker is using every tactic from door- to- door activity to direct mailers to make sure the people know what they are voting for in November. The most recent press release from the Viker campaign explains that they are attracting not only Independent and Libertarian voters, but also Republicans and Democrats who feel alienated from their own candidates. According to Viker, this election is not simply about winning or losing, it is about changing the way people think about government. For him, a vote for the Libertarian Party candidate is a vote for improving our political system and ensuring that each person is represented equally.

To read more about Erik Viker or to donate to his campaign, visit his website at http://www.erikviker.org/