Libertarian Party Back on the Ballot in Nebraska


August 12, 2010

Contact: Gene Siadek, State Chair

(402) 504-0722

The Nebraska Secretary of State has Validated Petitions Turned in by Libertarians

OMAHA, NE – August 12, 2010-Libertarian Party of Nebraska (LPNE) State Chairman Gene Siadek issued the following statement:

"In April, the Libertarian Party of Nebraska initiated a petition drive to become an official political party in Nebraska. On August 2nd, we delivered 8,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office and today we were informed that our efforts were successful. Nebraskans now have a choice other than Democrat or Republican. They can now register as Libertarians.


“The Nebraskan pioneering heritage is one of self-reliance, neighbor helping neighbor, and personal responsibility…all tenets of the Libertarian Party. Conversely, many of our current elected officials would rather we throw self-reliance to the wind, depend on government and their bureaucrats, and blame someone else for our choices. We choose, and it seems a large number of Nebraskans choose, not to allow these politicians to take us down the path to dependence.


“This election cycle, the Libertarian Party of Nebraska offers our candidate for Auditor of Public Accounts, Michele Sallach-Grace, as a common sense alternative to politics as usual and our intent is to run a full slate of candidates in 2012.