Future of the Libertarian Political Movement

The Libertarian Parties of New Hampshire and Massachusetts present a National one-day political conference “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”.

Hear the first Libertarian Presidential debate of the 2012 season:

R. Lee Wrights vs. Roger V. Gary. The New Hampshire and Massachusetts Libertarian Parties are each giving a first-round delegate vote to the winner of the post-debate straw poll.

Lead speakers include Guests of Honor Judge John Buttrick, Ernie Hancock, Angela Keaton, Joe Kennedy, Mary Ruwart, Bonnie Scott, John Walsh and Special Guest Don Gorman.

The conference is June 19 at the Highlander Inn at the Manchester Airport in New Hampshire. All meals will be served. If you’re flying to PorcFest, come a day early and get two events for the travel costs of one.

Conference Schedule

Highlander Inn at Manchester Airport

Registration opens — 9 A.M. (Coffee, Pastry)

9:20 A.M. Welcoming Remarks (Rich Tomasso — LPNH; David Blau — LPMass)

9:30 Session A: Guest of Honor Mary Ruwart “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”

10:30 Session A: Guest of Honor Ernie Hancock “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”

Session B: Outreach to Young People (Alex Peterson, Loren Spivack)

11:30 Lunch

(Buffet: Caesar salad, Chicken Piccata or Chicken Saltimbocca, pasta,

12:30 Keynote Speaker: Guest of Honor Judge John Buttrick “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement”

1:30 Invited Speaker Panel: “Future of the Libertarian Political Movement” (Ruwart, Hancock, Buttrick, Keaton)

2:15 Session A: Electronic Politics (Bonnie Scott, Mark Edge, Dan Reale, Ernie Hancock)

Session B: Libertarians and GLBT Outreach(Angela Keaton, Carol McMahon)

3:15 Session A: New Hampshire Politics (Don Gorman, Seth Cohn, Joel Winters, Rich Tomasso)

Session B: My First Run For Federal Office (Joe Kennedy, Bob Clark, Dan

4:15 Session A: Libertarians and the Antiwar Movement (Angela Keaton, Alex Peterson, John Walsh, Will Hopkins)

Session B: Candidate Recruitment (Alwin Hopfmann, Dave Blau, Rich Tomasso)

5:30 Dinner

(Buffet: clam chowder, salad, maple glazed pork tenderloin, London broil, rice, seasonal vegetable, dessert)

6:15 Presidential Candidate Debate: Roger V. Gary, R. Lee Wrights,
Moderator: George Phillies)

7:30 Straw Poll to Award Delegate Votes & LPNH Reception

9:00 Convention Ends

For more information: http://LPNH.org or http://LPMass.org/Conference