How ObamaCare Will Destroy Our Health and Welfare… and How You Can Help Stop It!

Saturday, May 14, 11 am – 12:00 noon Pacific Time
Hostess:  LNC At-Large Member Dr. Mary Ruwart


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If you think that Obamacare will ensure that you get quality health care at an affordable price, think again.  In Massachusetts, where a similar program has been tried, costs have soared while the wait time to see a doctor has become the longest in the nation. 


If you don’t like the soaring insurance premiums, be prepared to pay them anyway.  If you don’t, you could be fined hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.  Obamacare doesn’t give you health insurance; it simply forces you to buy it. 


Even though it will cost more, you’ll get less, especially if you’re a senior. Health care rationing is built into the plan, especially as private insurers go out of business with all the new regulatory restrictions. Bureaucratic boards will decide whether certain procedures, like your cardiac bypass, is economically efficient; chances are, if you are a senior or retired, it won’t be.  


Virgis Daukas, ISIL rep for Lithuania, will be on the call to share his personal experience with the horrifying results of government-run medicine in his country.   


Other victims of socialized medicine should feel free to call in and tell us about the tragedies you’ve witnessed firsthand. 


But there’s good news for you as well as bad:  several states have set up a constitutional challenge to Obamacare that is most likely headed for the Supreme Court.   


Learn how you can help stop what may be the most serious threat to your life, health, and wealth that the U.S. has ever known.


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Sign up Now by E-Mailing to

Subject Line: "ISIL 5-14 Phone Seminar