California Libertarian creates the “American Dream”

California Libertarian, Tad Lumpkin, recently appeared on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano for a video he recently created.

American Dream is a cartoon film about our monetary system and disastrous consequences of the Federal Reserve and a central banking system. On Freedom Watch, Lumpkin explains that his reason for creating this cartoon was to engage people in a topic that is otherwise difficult to understand while simultaneously bringing people together under the ideas of liberty and freedom.

The film uses the phrase, “the greatest theft in human history,” as it features everything from Andrew Jackson’s initial defeat of a central banking system to the malevolent pursuits of Goldman Sachs. 

Lumpkin and co-writer Harold Uhl will also be guest speakers at the Libertarian Party of California’s Annual Convention in April 2011.

You can view the trailer or purchase a copy of this movie here.

Lumpkin’s interview on Freedom Watch

What the Libertarian Party of California is saying about the American Dream