LP Grows in Votes and Ballot Access for 2010

[Note: This entry has been updated with newer totals.]

Ballot Access News recently released national totals for the 2010 U.S House election. In the report, author Richard Winger compares these totals to the totals from the 2006 mid-term election.

The Libertarian Party received 1,074,189 votes this election, a 65% increase over the 650,614 votes from 2006. In both elections, the Libertarian Party finished with the 3rd highest totals behind the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Additionally, Winger counts 166 Libertarian candidates in 2010, for an average of 6,471 votes per nominee. In 2006, Winger counted 114 Libertarian candidates, for an average of 5,707 votes each. That is an approximately 13% increase in four years.

The original information can be found here.