TSA Checks Spur Traveler’s Rights Cards

Bob Barr, former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, is taking a stand against the newly instated TSA security checks.  Stories are already reporting the embarrassment and overall violation of personal rights that many Americans have been forced to endure due to these new checks. The invasive pat- downs and full body scans have spurred Barr, current Chairman of Liberty Guard, to employ new techniques for defending our civil liberties.

The “Opt Out Alliance” is offering Traveler’s Rights Cards to those who want to put an end to the security checks. Each wallet- sized card includes steps on how to opt out of these checks, information on how to file immediate complaints and a media hotline number to report your experience with the new security measures. These cards are meant to equip travelers with the means for protecting themselves against these new security measures.

Barr hopes to inform Americans of their rights in order to raise awareness of the threats that these checks pose to our civil liberties. These cards are meant to be part of a larger campaign against TSA and all government acts that infringe on our rights as Americans.

To sign up for a Traveler’s Rights Card and to learn more about Barr’s campaign to protect our individual liberties, visit Liberty Guard’s website.