Omaha, Nebraska–Thug City USA?

Forward Omaha, the Anti-Recall Group, Intends to Further Intimidate Omaha Residents


OMAHA, NE – November 28, 2010-Libertarian Party of Nebraska Communications Director Randy Eshelman issued the following statement:

"We’ve gotten wind that the group organized to thwart the recall of Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle, “Forward Omaha,” has attained photo copies of the 37,000+ signatures and addresses of Omaha citizens that signed the recall petition. Forward Omaha stated that they wanted the petitions so they could verify for themselves the authenticity of the signatures. Fine. As a political organization, they can do that. However, using the names and addresses to send out “postcards” (which we’ve learned they intend to do) is a blatant attempt at intimidation. This type of “we know where you live” political thugery is normally associated with Chicago or New York politics, not Omaha, Nebraska.

“We don’t think it’s too much of a stretch either to assume that the addresses of petition signers will end up in the mitts of police and fire union goons. Should petition signers expect to see a few more patrols in their neighborhoods over the next several weeks? Perhaps phantom road repair projects at each end of their street? Maybe a home visit by Bubba Bigknuckles from Union Post 123? These scenarios are not outside the realm of possibility given similar situations in other American cities.

“The Libertarian Party of Nebraska condemns Forward Omaha’s proposed mailing as an invasion of privacy at best and as political strong-arming at worst. Forward Omaha should be held directly accountable for any misuse of citizens’ personal information.

“Finally, we suggest that any Omaha citizen that receives a postcard (or anything else) from Forward Omaha boldly prints, “RETURN TO SENDER” on it and sends it back.

The Libertarian Party of Nebraska has supported the recall effort on the grounds that government should be held accountable to the people.


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