Recall of Mayor “Shuttle”

The recall election of Omaha Mayor Jim “I’ll buy, Forward Omaha will Fly” Suttle happens on Tuesday.

Expect politicians in Lincoln who are friendly to the Suttle administration to push for more restrictions on Nebraskans’ rights to recall political pals in the future.  Especially if the recall fails (see LB 187 & LB 224 for examples).

Administration lackeys and union thugs are warning of “turmoil” if the Mayor is recalled. We don’t see these as threats necessarily, but they, along with the publication of petition-signors’ names by the Omaha World Herald, are concerning to Libertarians. We believe that if there is ever a situation where some entity should feel intimidated, it should always be the government, not the public.

Most politicians of course, seem to believe individuals’ rights are a nuisance to their objectives. Omahans can remind them on Tuesday that our rights come first and the inconvenience to government is not even in the equation.