101 potential candidates file in Texas

Image101 potential candidates have filed to run for office as Libertarians in Texas for the 2016 elections.

The filing deadline was on December 14. Texas has the second-earliest filing deadline for non-establishment parties, behind Arkansas, whose 2016 candidates had to file in early November.

The Texas LP has run over 100 candidates for office in the last several general elections.

“The Libertarian Party of Texas is proud to announce 101 candidates filed to run for office as Libertarian in the 2016 election cycle,” said Kurt Hildebrand, the LPTX chair.

“LPTexas strives to set the standard for Libertarian candidates nationwide with our Choice, Change and Challenge model – ensuring that Texas voters have a choice on election day by placing candidates in otherwise uncontested districts, changing the conversation through active campaigns focused on bringing the message of liberty to a mainstream audience, and challenging the status quo with well-funded professional candidates that give the establishment a run for their money.”

To retain ballot access, a statewide candidate must get at least 5% of the vote.

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