2016 LP Presidential candidates

A page for 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential candidates is now available on the LP.org website: www.LP.org/candidates/presidential-candidates-2016. The page can be accessed under the Elections tab on the main menu.

The Libertarian Party recognizes 2016 Presidential candidates who have campaign websites, are dues-paying members of the LP, have met all U.S. Constitutional requirements to serve in office as president, and are not running for the nomination of any other political party. They have filed with the FEC, with the exception of Darryl Perry, who has chosen not to file as a protest against the FEC, claiming it lacks constitutional authority.

The 2016 Presidential candidates currently recognized by the Libertarian Party are:

  • Marc Allan Feldman
  • Darryl Perry
  • Steve Kerbel
  • Rhett Smith
  • Cecil Ince