Connecticut LP wins court case to overturn ban on out-of-state petitioners

ImageThe Libertarian Party of Connecticut won a legal victory Wednesday (1/27/16) that allows them to hire out-of-state contractors to collect signatures for candidates petitioning their way onto the ballot.

Before the ruling, only Connecticut residents were permitted to collect signatures. Professional circulators from out-of-state firms, which are often hired by candidates, had to be accompanied by a Connecticut resident.

According to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News, out-of-state circulators for candidates and parties are still banned in New Jersey and New York, and in South Dakota for petitioning for independent candidates.

“This decision is good news for free speech,” said Dan Barrett, the ACLU of Connecticut’s legal director and a cooperating attorney. “The Libertarian Party deserves the chance to deliver its message by hiring signature-gatherers based on their qualifications, not their ZIP codes.”

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