Dallas Morning News: Libertarians are right, taxation is theft

ImageFrom Mac McCann of the Dallas Morning News on June 29:

“As people struggle to decide between the two most disliked major party nominees ever, there’s one thing people seem to miss: there are other options, like Libertarians Gary Johnson and William Weld.

“In fact, the Libertarian ticket has more executive branch experience than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump combined. Both Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson and vice presidential nominee William Weld were popular two-term Republican governors of typically Democratic states (New Mexico and Massachusetts, respectively).

“Both Clinton and Trump are supporters of big government who want to spend more taxpayer money, which requires either increasing our taxes or increasing our debt (or possibly both). While I approve of most Johnson-Weld stances, it’s this issue, taxation, that I’d like to address first. 

“I understand that, by necessity, we need at least some level of taxation. That’s the cost of civilization, sure. Again, to be clear, I know taxes are necessary (though I’d consider them a necessary evil). 

“But that doesn’t change the fundamental truth of the matter: taxation is essentially legal plunder.”

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