Democrats, Republicans silencing ‘voices of freedom’: LP Political Director Carla Howell

Carla Howell on Press TVCarla Howell spoke to Press TV on Monday in response to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s recent claim that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton would definitely win the 2016 presidential election by “a large majority.”

“Senator Chuck Schumer hopes that the former Democratic politician from his state, Hilary Clinton, will win the presidency in 2016. He and his Republican counterparts hope that the American people will continue to elect ‘Big Government’ candidates like Democrat Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush,” she said.

Howell said that change is not likely to happen under the current two-party system in the US since both the Democratic and Republican parties are “bought and sold by special interests,” and will “put the kibosh” on candidates who challenge “the Big Government status quo,” either from within or outside their own parties.
“There are many Americans who would like to see a Democratic nominee who will never betray civil liberties and who will stand up against the surveillance state. Who will put an end to the insane ‘war on drugs’… Who want peace abroad and an end to militarized local police,” she noted.

“They want a leader who will outlaw torture forever. Who would never give amnesty – as President Barack Obama did – to politicians, for ordering or condoning such brutal and ineffective measures.

“But Schumer’s comment is an indication that the Democratic Party is lining up once again to silence the voices of freedom within its own party and to nominate their pre-ordained, anti-freedom, Big Government politician,” Howell continued.

“Likewise, there are many Americans who would like to see a Republican nominee who will end reckless government overspending, dramatically reduce high taxes, stop crushing business regulations, and end foreign sanctions, so we open trade with partners around the world.

“They want someone who will defund and end Obamacare, who will stop wage-price fixing (known as ‘minimum wage’) which kills jobs and harms small businesses, and who will dismantle scores of wasteful, ineffective government bureaucracies.

“But the Republican Party is lining up as well to silence the voices of economic freedom and opportunity within its own party. They will use candidates like Rand Paul to excite their base, then shut him out just like they did his father, Ron Paul, in the end. The Republican Party will also nominate a pre-ordained, anti-freedom, Big Government politician.

“The Libertarian Party is the only party in America that will deliver all the freedoms that Americans crave. Vote totals for the Libertarian Party and Libertarian registrations are on the rise.  Americans are lining up with the Libertarian Party on major issues more than ever before,” Howell stated.

“Will 2016 be the year that voters come out in force and finally vote for what they want; much smaller government, peace, and freedom?” she asked. “We shall see.”