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We’re fighting back against abuse by Michigan Republicans! And we’re going on offense against the Sixth Circuit Court — before the 2016 elections!

Please help us raise $4,725 as soon as possible.

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We want to fund an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. We’re challenging a Sixth Circuit opinion that allowed the cowardly Republicans in power in Michigan to keep the Libertarian Party presidential ticket from appearing on the ballot in 2012.

Precedent is on the side of the Libertarian Party. To knock Gov. Gary Johnson off the ballot in 2012, Michigan courts ruled against a long-standing precedent that allowed candidates who competed in the primary of one party to run on the ticket of another party.

According to Ballot Access News editor Richard Winger, “The Sixth Circuit in the Gary Johnson case treated us very disrespectfully. The part of the Sixth Circuit decision on Gary Johnson, on the merits, is only two sentences long! The panel treated us like dirt.” Winger further claims this appeal has a much higher likelihood of being heard by the Supreme Court than most other ballot access cases we’ve filed.

We need $3,500 for the filing fee and to pay for printing the briefs, and would like an additional $1,225 to cover administrative expenses.

Anything we raise above and beyond $4,725 will become part of our “Legal Offense Fund.” We’re tired of always being on the defense, and want a fund available so we can take pro-active legal action where we see opportunities.

Please donate $25, $100, $250, $1,000, or even all $4,725 to fight the Michigan Republicans and to help build up our “Legal Offense Fund” today!

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Geoff Neale

— Geoff Neale